Social Media News Releases

A Social Media News Release is  designed to get the conversation going, providing readers with the ability to disseminate information and multimedia, bookmark and share the content, and in turn, spark threads. They also serve a purpose of providing new media influencers with the information they need, in one package, in order to write a full story, their way – without having to carve out the BS of a traditional release or pitch, according to

I think advantages of social media news releases are that sharing them is quicker and easier, and it’s also quicker and easier to do! It also makes the release better because of the multimedia and links you can add with it. It’s good to get the news out there on the web so it’s out there for everybody to see. I think a disadvantage is people who are not computer or “social media” savvy might not like it and won’t use it. Also, the fact that anybody can get on one of the sites and make one might not be good because people can just make anything and people could even make up news releases that are not true. A PR practitioner should consider using a SMNR when they know that it would be good for their target audience and also the journalist or blogger. They should always consider using it though because it’s out there on the web for everyone to see. It is really a great way to get their announcement out there.

These are two links that to websites that will help create a SMNR:

Here is a link to a SMNR of Tropicana:

Here is a link to my SMNR I created for Black Student Alliance’s event:

The purpose of my SMNR is to quickly release the information about Black Student Alliance’s “Fun Friday” event to the public, journalists, and bloggers. My goal of it is to get the word out in the community about this great event at Georgia Southern University to get as many students as possible to know about it and want to come. My target audience is to Georgia Southern University students in summer school.

Some tips for a SMNR creation from Public Relations Writing and Media Techniques 6th Edition are:

  • Place terms in key positions like headlines and first paragraphs
  • Use short headlines and subheads to highlight main points and interest.
  • Distribute a release through a service that carries hyperlinks to downstream sites. They should not just be a repeat of the main paragraph. Include links to pages where multiple instances of your key words/phrases reinforce your message.
  • Make it clear how your announcement is relevant to the editors’ readers.
  • Look for creative ways to tie your announcement into current news or trends.
  • Do not over do it.
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